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FPC flexible circuit board can not ignore the impact of finger print | YMSPCB

FPC flexible circuit board in the process of processing if do not pay attention to touch the circuit board welding pad with your finger, especially do surface treatment of FPC, the flexible circuit board will cause oxidation.

FPC flexible circuit board surface oxidation in the welding of components, easy to cause peeling and scrap, because finger marks are sweat stains, some inorganic salt and fat, etc., easy to cause circuit board paralysis.

What are the dangers of a tiny finger print?

1. Touching the flexible circuit board with your finger will cause the copper on the board to undergo chemical reaction in a very short time, leading to the oxidation of the copper surface.

After a little longer time in electroplating after obvious fingerprints, uneven coating, causing serious defects in the appearance of the product.

2. Finger contact with FPC board before solder resistance will lead to poor adhesion of the covering film under solder resistance.

3. During the process from resistance welding to packaging of submerged gold plate, bare hands touching the plate surface will lead to unclean plate surface and poor weldability.

4. Wet film or silk screen printing line and the plate before pressing film with fingerprint grease, easy to cause the adhesion of dry/wet film to decline, in electroplating lead to infiltration plating and coating separation, gold plate is easy to cause the surface pattern, after the completion of resistance welding production make the plate oxidation, appear Yin and Yang color.

If not prevented, this finger print phenomenon will cause great damage to the qualified rate of products. In the production process of flexible circuit board, Yongmingsheng circuit board factory strictly requires employees to wear finger gloves to hold the board, thus greatly reducing the rework rate and improving the work efficiency.

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Post time: Aug-28-2019
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