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Gold Fingers PCB is the gold-plated terminal of the side card connector. Usually, the Fingers are made of flash Gold (hard Gold) and the thickness of Gold is required to be 3u “to 50u” because the Fingers are mainly used for multiple inserts.


pcb gold finger

When PCBS are repeatedly installed and removed, electric gold plating is used for edge connector contacts or as they are better known: the goldfinger

The goldfinger is the edge connector contact used to electroplate the solder pad to the circuit board.

The idea behind goldfinger is to help protect printed circuit board prototypes from wear and tear.If the coating is correct and of the right thickness, it is expected to last more than 1,000 times before maintenance is required.

Gold Fingers PCB Board

Goldfinger bevel default: 45 degrees, as shown below.Gold finger’s default coating does not support hard gold.

Gold Fingers PCB Board

These little fingers are very versatile and have many different USES depending on their intended purpose.

Some of these USES include:

Provides a network connection to transfer data.

Connect to a dedicated adapter.

Connect different devices to the circuit board.

Can be used as an audio adapter.

Here are a few design rules for the gold finger PCB/PCB edge connector.

1. Plating area

2. Through hole plating is not allowed in.Plating area

3. There is no welding mask or screen printing.For paneling, always place the golden finger outward from the center of the panel.

4. Connect all golden fingers with a 0.008 inch edge of conductor wire for fabrication.

5. Functions can be placed on one or both sides, 25mm from the outer edge


pcb immersion gold

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