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HDI Board market conditions | YMSPCB

We live in the mobile Internet era, mobile phone communication, computer electronics on our impact is very big. HDI Board is also a large field of application, HDI Board itself to increase more demand.

Compared with traditional multilayer board, HDI Board adopts lamination method, uses blind hole and buried hole to reduce the number of through-hole, saves PCB cabling area, and greatly improves component density, so it rapidly replaces the original multi-layer board in smart phone.

Among all kinds of PCB products required by high-end servers, the communication and computer industries account for a large proportion, and the demand for HDI circuit board is relatively high.

HDI technology is mainly for the size of printed circuit board aperture, wiring width, layer height and other requirements, more buried holes and blind holes, showing a high density development. The current HDI Board in China's domestic market share market is very optimistic.

HDI high-density board is widely used in server HDI card, mobile phone HDI circuit board, multi-function POS HDI circuit board, and HDI security camera.

HDI Board market continues to develop like high-end high density, constantly affecting our communications industry, promote the continuous advancement of technology.

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Post time: Sep-10-2019
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