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What are the specifications of heavy copper board | YMSPCB

There are many specifications of heavy copper board, which are different from each other in terms of materials, prices and parameters. Below, we can better distinguish the materials, prices and parameters of each specification by understanding the specifications of heavy copper board, so as to facilitate the later production and material selection of PCB.

Heavy copper board has the following specifications

It is divided into the following grades from bottom to top:

94HB, 94VO, 22F, cem-1, cem-3, fr-4

Details are as follows:

94HB: ordinary paperboard, not fireproof (the lowest grade material, die punching, cannot be used as power board).

94V0: flame retardant board (die punching).

22F: single layer half glass fiber board (die punch).

Cem-1: single-layer fiberglass board (computer drilling is necessary, not die punching).

Cem-3: double-layer semi-fiberglass board (except double-layer cardboard, which is the lowest end material of double-panel, this material can be used for simple double-board, which is 5~10 yuan/m2 cheaper than fr-4).

FR-4: double-layer fiberglass board.

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