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What is the manufacturing and packaging process of heavy copper board?

Heavy copper board manufacturing and packaging process: process objective, early packaging discussion, operating procedures and other matters needing attention.

1. Purpose of the manufacturing process

"Packaging" is highly regarded in PCB factory. If Flexible PCB is usually a small piece with a large amount, it may be used as packaging container specially for the shape of a product, which is convenient to use and protective.

2. Discussion on early packaging

PCB production capacity expansion speed, and most of the export, so in the competition is very fierce, in addition to the product itself technical level and quality by customers, packaging quality must be satisfied with the customer. Almost all electronics factories of a certain scale now require PCB manufacturers to pay attention to the following matters, and some even give specifications of packaging for shipment.

1. Vacuum packing is necessary

2. The number of boards in each stack is limited by the size

3. Specification of the coating tightness and margin width of PE film for each lap

4. Specifications of PE film and Air Bubble Sheet

5. Carton weight specification and others

6. There is no special provision for placing cushions before placing boards on the inside of cartons

7. Tolerance specification after sealing

8. Weight limit per carton

Vacuum Skin Packaging is largely the same at present, except for its effective working area and degree of automation.

3. Vacuum Skin Packaging

Operating procedures

A. Preparation: position PE film, manually operate whether all mechanical actions are normal, set PE film heating temperature, vacuum time, etc.

B. Stack plate: when the number of stack boards is fixed, the height is also fixed. At this time, how to stack shall be considered to maximize the output and save the most materials.

(1) The spacing of each laminate, depending on the specification (thickness) of PE film, (the standard is 0.2m/m), makes use of the principle of heating, softening and elongating, and at the same time of vacuumizing, sticks the coated board with bubble cloth. Its spacing is generally at least twice the thickness of the total plate for each lap. Too large wastes material; If it is too small, it is difficult to cut and easy to peel off or not stick at all.

(2) At least twice the thickness of the outer plate from the edge.

(3) If the panel size is not large, it will waste materials and manpower to use the above packing method. If the amount is very large, can also be similar to the soft board of packaging open mold to do containers, and then do PE film shrink packaging. There is another way, but with the consent of the customer, to leave no space between each lamination, but separate with cardboard, to take the appropriate number of lamination. Under also has the cardboard cover or corrugated paper to undertake.

C. Start

(1)  Press start, and the PE film after heating is lowered by the pressure frame to cover the table.

(2)  After the heater is removed and cooled, lift the outer frame.

After cutting the PE film, open the chassis, and then cut it apart at each lap.

D. Packing: the method of packing, if specified by the customer, must comply with the customer packing specification; If the customer does not specify, also must protect the board transportation process not to the outside force damage principle to establish in the factory packing specification, the matters needing attention, previously mentioned especially the export product packing must pay special attention.

4. Other matters needing attention:

A. Information must be written outside the box, such as "mouth wheat head", material number (P/N), format, cycle, quantity, importance and other information.

B. Attach relevant quality certificates, such as slicing, weldability reports, test records, and various customer required test reports, and place them in the way specified by the customer.

Packaging is not the door to ask, to do, when you can save a lot of trouble should not happen.

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