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Custom Flexible PCB 2Layer | YMSPCB

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Layers: 2
Base Material:Polyimide,0.5OZ,0.12MM finished
Minimum Line Width/Clearance:1.0mm/1.0mm
Surface treatment:OSP
Special Process:3M Adhesive Tape on the bottom
Peripherals, Lighting
Urgent model after 24-48 hours / normally after 2-3 days shipping

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What is a Medical PCB?

Medical PCB is a type of PCB used for making medical equipment and facilities. Because of the sensitivity of the medical field, medical equipment and facilities should be precise and accurate. This is mainly because the lives of people are at stake when these equipment and facilities are used on them. To have precise and accurate medical equipment, it needs to be built on accurate and highly reliable medical PCBs.

Below are some applications of medical PCBs in the medical field: Heart monitors, blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, X-ray computed tomography, and heart pacemakers. Benefits of Medical PCB

As we’ve already looked at, Medical PCBs are used for making various medical equipment and machines. This makes medical PCBs very important in the medical field. In this section, we want to look at some of the major benefits of medical PCB.

Mobile Health

Smartphones, tablets, and watches have inbuilt capabilities that make it possible to measure people’s health status accurately.The availability of smartphones and IPad have made it super easy for medical officers to send and receive information.What’s more? You can order drugs with these smart devices. Medical officers can document drugs and conduct various medical research easily with smartphones and Ipads. Health Record Management

The use of Medical PCBs in medical devices has allowed for easy record-keeping in the medical field. Before this, medical officers had to keep records manually and this slowed down patient treatment processes. This problem resulted in many deaths. But now, with the availability of electronic records, you can get records for important medical data with ease. This has helped fasten the medical service processes, thereby saving more lives.

Wireless Communication

With the availability of medical PCB-powered medical systems, you can send and receive important medical information more conveniently. This includes receiving lab tests results at the comfort of your home. This is possible because these medical systems use mobile devices and web-based applications. You can find nearby hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical facilities easily with these applications.

Data-Based Drugs

Medical PCBs ensure easy and faster production of medical drugs. This is because drugs are produced using the data of a particular group of people. Some medical devices help in collecting data easily for faster drug manufacturing.


Medical PCBs are used for making wearables that are used for accurate monitoring of the health status of users. These wearables can check various health conditions of users and give medical officers powerful information that helps them to treat users effectively.Athletes, footballers, and various sportsmen use different gadgets that track and record their motion, heart pulse rate, etc. If you are looking for accurate, reliable, and high-quality medical PCB, YMS is your best option. As a leading and experienced PCB manufacturer in China, YMS offers you the best medical PCBs. We have experts in military PCB manufacturing and use best-in-class equipment to produce medical PCBs that meet the standards of the medical field.

Get in touch with YMS now to order your affordable and super-quality medical PCB.


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