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HDI Flex-Rigid Board | YMS PCB

Short Description:


Layers: 4+2+4


Rigid Board :0.4 ± 0.1mm

Flex Board :0.12 ± 0.05mm

Minimum Guided Through Via/PAD:0.2mm/0.25mm

Minimum Buried Via/PAD:0.15mm/0.25mm

Minimum Blind Via/PAD:0.15mm/0.25mm



CopperThickness:surface Copper≧30UM

SurfaceTreatment Immersion Ni & Pd & Au

Applications:Camera Moudule

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Flex-Rigid basic production process:

First, a hard plate having a first line layer and a plurality of soft plates having a second line layer are provided. The hard plate comprises a predetermined removal area and a plurality of hard plate units.

Next, cutting lines of a plurality of predetermined exposed soft plate areas are cut between these hard plate units and the predetermined removal area.

After that, the first line layer on the hard board and the second line layer on the soft board are electrically conducted by combining these soft boards with an adhesive layer and forming multiple conducting holes in the hard board and these soft boards. And each of these cutting lines along the hard plate breaks the intended removal area to reveal the individual soft plates and to shape the hard plate elements.

Finally, each flexible plate is folded in half along its own multiple folding lines so that the rigid plate elements are extended and arranged in one direction

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