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10 Layer High Tg ,Hard Gold ,HDI Board | YMS PCB

Short Description:


Layers: 10

Base Material:S1170


Minimum Line Width/Clearance:0.10mm/0.10mm


Aspect Ratio:16 : 1

Surface treatment:ENIG


Immersion Gold:4“

2 Step HDI

Resin Plug Hole Technology

High Frequency Board


Product Detail

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HDI basic production process:

A、Brown multilayer circuit board to form Browning film on the surface of copper foil layer, and laser drilling on the surface of copper foil to form laser blind hole

B、 drill the multi-layer circuit board to form a mechanical drill hole

C、 The multi-layer circuit board is coated with copper to form a copper layer in the laser blind hole mechanical drilling, and then the multi-layer circuit board is electroplated to thicken the copper layer in the hole

D、The above multilayer circuit board is made of outer graphics, and the surface treatment of etched screen print resistance welding on the outer layer of graphics electroplating is carried out to obtain the finished HDI board


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